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Levan Alexidze Professor Levan Alexidze is the foremost authority in the area of International Law in Georgia. Since 1969, he has served as Chairman of the Department of International Law at Tbilisi State University, interrupting his university career to serve as a Senior Human Rights Officer in the Division of Human Rights at the United Nations in New York and Geneva from 1970 to 1977. From 1985 to 1993, he served as Vice President of Tbilisi State University. Prof. Alexidze is widely published in his field and received the State Prize of Georgia in 1982 for his monograph Some Theoretical Problems of Contemporary International Law (Jus Cogens). For the past several years, he has served as a legal expert to the Georgian delegation to the Geneva Negotiations for the Settlement of the Conflict in Abkhazia. Prof. Alexidze has also served as an Editorial Board Member of the Georgian Constitutional Committee. He was a member of the Georgian Parliament from 1991-1994, and has served for many years as the pro bono Chief Advisor on International Law to the President of Georgia. He is a member of the World International Law Association and the Georgian Association of Lawyers, and has twice been named to the Board of the Association of International Law. In recent years, Prof. Alexidze has become increasingly involved in the oil and gas sector, and co-authored the draft of the Law "On Production Sharing Agreements" for Georgia. Prof. Alexidze is fluent in Georgian, Russian, and English, and works in Tbilisi.

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