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Legislative Drafting

Our attorneys regularly participate in projects involving legislative drafting. At times, this means that we work as part of multilateral initiatives and technical assistance projects sponsored by foreign governments and international donor-organizations (e.g., the US Departments of Energy, USAID, TACIS). On such projects we collaborate with members of Ukraine's Supreme Rada, Cabinet of Ministers, various ministries and other government structures to draft new laws, such as the Law "On Production Sharing Agreements" and the subsequent Enabling Law that implemented it, and revisions to existing laws,such as the new version of the Law "On Medicines". At other times, we work for corporate clients and international industry groups. Such efforts, while receiving less press attention, tend to result in at least as much success for our clients. To date, our efforts have contributed considerably to the adoption of a modern and internationally-praised version of the Law "On Copyright and Neighboring Rights" and the passage of a new Law "On the State Regulation of Optical Media", on the passage of new IPR-related articles for Ukraine's Criminal Code, and the preparation of a new draft of Book IV for the new Civil Code devoted entirely to intellectual property rights, which is once again under review by the Supreme Rada. In addition, we have been active in drafting various implementation regulations ("normative acts"), which are usually adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers or selected ministries.

The need for our services has undergone significant growth over the past two years, as the Ukrainian government has undertaken serious efforts to modernize its legislation, bring it into conformity with world standards, and harmonize it with the EU legislation and the WTO requirements. As a result, of course, much new legislation has been drafted, which has accordingly drawn the attention of several of our clients.

In order to serve our clients better, our lawyers have continued to expand their contacts within Ukrainian government bodies and increase their expertise at drafting legislation and shepherding it past the various interest groups who might oppose our clients' interests. Moreover, we have continued to recruit leading jurists to join our firm to add their first-hand knowledge regarding the legislative process.

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