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Galina Dmitrieva Galina Dmitrieva has practiced and taught law for almost 30 years. In addition to private practice, she serves as Chief of the Chair of International Private Law at the Moscow State Legal Academy. Dr. Dmitrieva advises various private Russian and foreign companies in the fields of corporate law and international business transactions. She also advises various branches of the Russian government, and actively participates in the legislative drafting process. A few of the projects to which Dr. Dmitrieva has contributed include the debt renegotiation of a developing country to Russia, a multimillion dollar RULG - Ukrainian deal on wheat, and the acquisition of a detergent factory in Italy. Dr. Dmitrieva is the author of more than 50 books and professional publications. She is a member of the Russian International Law Association, the Kiev Bar, and the Advisory Counsel to the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation. Dr. Dmitrieva works in Moscow.

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