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Apollon Paliashvili Professor Apollon Paliashvili, a native of Georgia, after receiving his law degree in 1950 worked in Moscow for the USSR Ministry of Justice. In 1958, he received his Ph.D. in Moscow and in 1968, a Doctorate of Law in Tbilisi. Since 1960, he has taught at the Tbilisi State University Law School's Department of Criminal Procedure and Forensic Sciences. From 1985 to 2000, he served as Chairman of the Department. Prof. Paliashvili's scholarly interests include the areas of criminal justice, criminal procedure, forensic sciences, and procuratorial oversight, about which he has published over 195 scholarly and professional works that have appeared in Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, other CIS countries, and Europe. In addition to teaching at Tbilisi State University, he frequently lectures at other universities in Georgia and abroad. Prof. Paliashvili is currently an active participant in Georgian legal reform, for which his opinions are highly regarded and sought after by the Georgian Government and Parliament. He was the Chairman of the Georgian Government's Commission on the Elaboration of a Criminal Procedure Code. He also was a member of Advisory Councils of the Georgian Prosecutor General's Office and Ministry of Internal Affairs. In 1999, Prof. Paliashvili was elected Academician of the Georgian Academy of Liberal Arts and Sciences and was awarded the State Medal of Glory by President Shevardnadze. Prof. Paliashvili is fluent in Georgian and Russian. He works in Tbilisi.

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